Friday, March 04, 2011

Heil Harper

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Anonymous said...

Thank you disseminate all information from a far right barely camouflaged! Since Friday (March 25, 2011) Candians Parliament passed a motion of censure against the Harper government! This has the effect of defeating this government. So, since yesterday (Saturday), Canadians are campaigning.

I am Canadian and I hope very much that Steven Harpen is not reelected. I'm French and I live in a province in Eastern Canada, Quebec. In Quebec we do not understand how people of the western provinces can elect as many Conservative Party members (one of Steven Harper). As a francophone, is our Latin roots that make can not think like the far right political party? Is this the same reason that we are overwhelmingly against the cuts in social programs, lower taxes for individuals and for increasing taxes on businesses? We are already among the countries where the companies pay less tax. According to the people of the western provinces wondered why Quebec wants to secede from Canada? Maybe we'd better do with an economic alliance of the remaining countries of Latin Americas?

By the way, very nice photo of Steven Harper!