Monday, April 18, 2011

Tim Yung - Peter Pan (2011)

Tim Yung.

"Never has the the tale of Neverland been told with truer authenticity to the tight-clad crew who refused to grow up. A tour-de-force for Mr. Yung whose brave soldier-like attention to the homosexual subtext present all around us opens a metaphoric eye in the reader to the realities of the classics: they were sexy."

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jordi francesch said...

I got here looking for maps for my blog. I love maps and cartography. But what I really like is the irony, ironic maps, images that say something else. Or those things that mean something else. The things that come and one day it disappeared. I like your blog. A review of the parallel world. Or the story in parallel. A little sarcastic tone. Quit thinking about your blog that I made a good discovery. Thank you and good luck.
jordi francesch