Monday, March 19, 2012

Hot City, Summer in the Spring

I don't know my audience here. It's my inner paranoid speaking. Searching for an outer paranoid? Hell no. They wouldn't write back.
Over a week now, the temperatures in Toronto, Ontario, and across half the continent have been consistently record-breaking. I was out there drinking and bbqing, sure, but it's hard to ignore. This is not only extremely rare, but does not bode well for this summer. There is a high chance of more insects, droughts. I know it is pointless to contemplate, impossible to change. What can be done? And won't it become more cold after a volcanic winter?
Ahh. At least there will be fantastic sunsets.
It's funny. All along my escape plan has been to shelter in the North. So that's where I will be. Probably in a triangle between Parry Sound and maybe Killarney and Algonquin. I'll bring some cans of food, cans of beer, seeds, friends. It might be a good to have a flotation device and some fishing gear in the event of a great flood. I've only got a canoe right now, but that's probably more than you. Plus, engines need gas, whereas paddles need arms. This is insane, but I might even join a survival group. I'm not into making new connections, but if someone can be useful, helpful... It's hard to trust strangers, but I have in the past, and it has not let me down. I know a good proportion of them are assholes and bitches. Like these students in London -- awesome party, but what the fuck?
Anyway, this rant has no direction. Let's see what's going on over the next few days with Harper. The recent changes (building prisons, two-tier immigration system, 'cyber'-security) are not good. Obama is getting prepared. I wonder what supplies are needed when certain ones will be in shortage or gone?
I get the sense these vibrations are getting stronger. Like my urge to pass out.

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amn said...

We should spend a Saturday going shopping to put emergency survival kits together. I've been meaning to build one for a while.